Maintain Your Home’s Integrity with Help from Neighbourhood Chimney Services

We perform all types of chimney repairs to maintain the value of your home, protect your safety and to improve your chimney’s efficiency.

Types of Repairs We Perform

Improve Chimney Stability with Tuck-Pointing

Tuck-pointing is the process of replacing mortar that has fallen out from between bricks, and will help extend the life of your chimney. We will tuck-point your chimney to enhance stability and keep weather out.

Repair Cracks on Cement Chimney Crowns

A chimney crown, or slab, is the cement piece at the top of the chimney. Filling cracks with cement will help stop leaks, and protect the chimney stack. It is less expensive to do a repair then to replace the crown.

Secure Seams with Chalking

We will apply chalking to seal small cracks around chimney flashing, leaky joints in eavestroughs and the seams around zero clearance pipes to secure them.

Fix Eavestroughs

We can fix your existing eavestrough if it is loose, or install a new downspout. Downspouts are no longer permitted to connect directly to the house drain, but we can redirect them to your lawn or garden as you prefer.

Remove Stainless Steel Chimney Stacks

As every zero clearance installation is unique, we will be happy to come to your home, inspect your specific installation, and discuss details of the removal.

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Chimney Services

We offer a wide range of services to cover any chimney-related or heating system problem you may have in your home.

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Cleaning Services

Our thorough cleaning services that begin with inspections because we know the importance of a clean and safe chimney.

Our Cleaning Services
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Installation Services

We offer installation services on liners, caps, dampers, and more so that your chimney can operate safely and efficiently.

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