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At Neighbourhood Chimney Services, we offer installation services on liners, caps, dampers, and more so that your chimney can function safely and efficiently.

Types of Installations We Perform

Liners for Gas furnace and Hot Water Flues

Liners are made of flexible aluminum that is stretched out the entire length of the chimney. The diameter of the liner depends on the number of appliances being vented.

Chimney Rain and Animal Caps

A screened chimney cap is used to keep out birds and animals. Caps also keep out the rain, which will help extend the life of the chimney’s interior. Our most commonly installed chimney caps have a roof, are painted black, and are made of steel wrapped with hardware cloth. The caps are installed on top of a flue tile.

Flue Tile Installation

A flue tile is made of orange clay and is cemented in place at the top of the chimney. A flue tile is required if you are having a chimney cap installed. Cracked flue tiles cannot be repaired and should be replaced.

Cement Crown Installation

When there is no crown at top of the chimney, or it is cracked or broken beyond repair, a new crown will need to be installed. We will break up and remove the old crown, chisel off the old mortar, and mount a new crown.

Lock Top Damper

A lock top damper is a type of damper placed at the top of a fireplace chimney if there is no damper, or a poorly working damper, in the firebox. It has a chain that hangs down the length of the flue and secures to a hook installed in the damper housing.

Roof Supports for Zero Clearance Chimney Pipes

These are metal support rods that are required to secure stainless steel pipes that extend more than 4 feet through your roof.

Wind Diverter Installation

A wind diverter is a metal unit installed at the top of the chimney which swivels to redirect the wind away from the flue. It is installed in place of a chimney cap when there is a problem with down draft or smoke in your home.

Chimneys or Chimney Cap Screening

A screen on your chimney or chimney cap is used to keep out birds and animals. We use a heavy gauge square-holed mesh called hardware cloth for screening.

For more information on our professional installation services, please call Neighbourhood Chimney Services.

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